Ross by Ross is a new and trendy Bulgarian fashion brand. Ross by Ross is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional and chic design and quality materials.

Offering reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials, we create pieces that are made to last beyond the season. Traditional methods and new techniques merge to form timeless, understated collections.

The inspiration of Ross by Ross is the beauty of the universe, and all styles and designs are related to objects and colours from nature.


Rossen Georgiev was born in the beautiful Bulgarian town Nessebar. He was used to appreciating the surrounding beauty and is passionate about fashion from a very young age. Ross used to steal the Burda Style magazine of his mother and dream about creating the designs. He convinced his sister to teach him how to use his mother’s sewing machine. There is a picture of him when he was only five years old, holding scissors and trying to make a dress out of a bed quilt.

His dream has always been to study fashion, but he was put off his plans by his friends and relatives who convinced him that ‘fashion is too feminine and is just for girls. Ross has graduated from the most prestigious cookery school in the country and owned a significant number of very successful restaurants and food outlets. His most recent addition to the collection of restaurants is a popular French bakery, Patisserie de Provence.

Nobody knows if it was the smell of freshly baked croissants that inspired Ross to pursue his greatest passion finally, but we see him today as a successful designer of the newly established Ross by Ross fashion line.



In case the product upon delivery does not meet your expectations, please return it to the courier immediately. After delivery which is accompanied by a try on and a test, you can always return it whether you received it at an address or a supplier's office We accept returns under the listed above conditions with the exception of:
1. does not match the garment number
2. a defect in sewing or on itself cloth
3. you don't like the way you look.
Each item from Rossbyross can be returned or replaced within 1 week of receiving it. Clothes cannot be exchanged or returned in cases where they have traces of fragrances, have been worn or washed, and are damaged. When returning, always write an email to us including your bank account so we can refund your money in 20 days term. You can return the items to the address listed below: Sofia, Econt Office - Monument Levski, sent to Rossbyross Ltd at your expense. Phone:0889515682


All materials and fabrics are imported from Italy and are top quality. All the workers at the Ross by Ross studio have studied Fashion and Design. The brand is famous for its corporate social responsibility policy. Sustainability is key for the company, and only eco-friendly materials are being used.


The dream of Rossen is to create beautiful and bespoke fashion that is affordable for everyone. Luxury is not a matter of price tags but a question of style, quality materials and a good fit – things that Ross by Ross is proud to offer.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, live chat, email, Facebook messenger, and telephone. Our dedicated customer care team will answer every question you might have, 24/7, 7 days a week.


Ross, the man behind the brand, oversees the production of every piece himself. He attends exhibitions such as Pitti in Florence to choose the best fabrics and the trendiest colours for the new season. He follows the Pantone trends and offers his clients unparalleled quality and very reasonable prices.


Ross by Ross grew from the wish to give men and women the freedom of expression through one brand. The fits and styles of the Ross by Ross products are created to enhance the natural beauty of the human body and attract attention towards the individual, not the piece itself. It takes a long time for a piece to be first imagined, then created and finally presented to the public.


With our new limited edition collection line George Ziross, we invite you – our friends, family and new clients to turn towards the sustainable fashion and show responsibility for our impact on Earth.

George Ziross brand mission is to deliver bespoke style and quality all the while we support sustainable fashion and tend to the environment, and to each other:

  • The “fast fashion” accounts for 10% of the humanity CO2 emissions, dries up water sources and pollutes rivers and streams. Did you know that 85% of all the fabrics go to dump each year and some of them need as much as 400 years to decompose?

This is the reason we decided the pieces from our new George Ziross line will be created in limited edition – only you and a few more will have identical pieces.

Also, your chosen piece will be assembled especially for you – once you choose your order from our samples we will create your piece in the next 10 days. We don’t want to contribute to this 85%.

  • Fashion is said to not be very socialy responsible, but we believe otherwise – 5% of every sale from our George Ziross collection will be donated to a cancer foundation.
  • One of the main issue in the fashion industry are synthetic materials – while being washed their fibers escape in the form of microplastics and are being discharged straight to our seas and

In our new collection we are using only natural materials – organic fabrics and cottons, to prevent allergies, for greater feel and maximum comfort; our organic materials are harmless for the environment.

  • Most of the clothing nowadays is produced in distant countries – transporting this items is one of the main producers of CO2

All our pieces are locally produced reducing CO2 emissions to a minimum. Our fabrics are sourced from the closest possible locations in Europe – supporting another local businesses and minimizing carbon emissions.

  • Unfortunately the manpower used for sewing from a lot of the fashion labels (yes, even the very pricy brand names!) are low paid and they usually work in a very bad conditions only to ensure their

Our brand pride itself with its team – our people are our heart. We collaborate with local craftsman and women and we make sure to help elevate their social status and take a good care of each member.

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